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Rescue Me (How It Begins) :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
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Act Three Interlude--'Maybe Tonight' :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
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Act Three :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 2 2
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Friends...or More? :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
Rainbow Eyes by DemonAngelSakina Rainbow Eyes :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 2 0 Elaine 'Elly' Conner by DemonAngelSakina Elaine 'Elly' Conner :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 4 0
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One, Two, I'm Coming For You :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
A Steven and the Cool Kids Adventure 2
Chapter 2: Riding Shotgun
"...One more time
We're gonna celebrate--oh yeah, alright
Don't stop the dancin'
One more time
We're gonna celebrate--oh yeah,
Don't stop the dancin'
One more time..."

"Hey Sour Cream, who's this song by?" Steven asked, looking back behind Jenny; Sour Cream smiled some at him--just a faint upturn of his lips.
"Daft Punk, little dude. They're my fave."
"It's catchy." Steven said with a grin as he bopped his head to the beat, mimicking some of the DJ's signature 'scratching' and earning a good-natured laugh from Jenny and Buck; Steven tugged Buck's jacket a bit more closed as the car continued down the city streets towards the city line; Buck looked thoughtful before finally speaking--resting his chin on his fist.
"'d you end up in Empire City, Steven? Some kind of Gem thing, right?"
Steven nodded and passed the broken device back to Buck, who started to look it over; Sour Cream lightly brushed his fingertips over the destroyed screen--it kind of
:icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
A Steven and the Cool Kids Adventure 1
Chapter 1: Take Me Home Tonight
This was bad.
Not "world-ending super-weapon" bad or "corrupted Gem on a rampage" bad...but "don't touch that--oh no" bad.
Steven frowned as he walked along the sidewalk in Empire City--the rectangular device in his hand had, finally, stopped sparking electricty and smoking, but that probably only meant that it was a complete lost cause.
He stopped under a streetlight and looked around the clustered up storefronts crowded together on either side of the street. He looked up at the night sky--skyscrapers and bright lights blocking all of the stars out...even the moon was just barely visible. Cars either sped past him or all-but crawled along the still busy street as too many people to count took in all of the nightlife a big city had to offer
Steven shook his head and dropped his arms to his sides--he wanted to go home. He'd tried asking people which way back to Beach City but everyone ignored him and by now, he'd just given up and decided to try to find h
:icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
Before and After
Maybe it was his body that caught my eye--tall and gorgeously muscled like a model, with a rich tan that you only got from being born that way...and clothed just as flawlessly in those dark-hued Armani suits and silk shirts that he's so fond of. Training and sparring sessions were the only time I've ever seen him in anything that could ever be considered as 'dressed down'--I had trouble focusing whenever he was in the room in a suit...forget even thinking clearly when he has that body of his practically on display in those sweatpants and a T-shirt that's all-but glued to his torso. I've seen people stop whatever they're doing when he's in the room--he seems to command attention like royalty.
At first, I was jealous of him--I was shorter and lankier in frame...I had always had a good sense of self-respect towards my looks, my body, and I thought I dressed as well as I could...but next to him, I looked mediocre. He looked like the 'Prince' and that made me the 'Pauper' by comparision--hi
:icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
Mature content
The Rite of the Forgotten :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
Mature content
Tonight, With You :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
Mature content
Prologue :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0
Paint Tribal 11 by DemonAngelSakina Paint Tribal 11 :icondemonangelsakina:DemonAngelSakina 0 0

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The ABCs of Zutara: HEALING
Written by Katie Jo aka AVidZktjo
Fire. Lightning. Anger. Rage. Sorrow. Pain. A jumble of emotions. A mix of memories. Nightmare after nightmare. Dream after dream. Nothing concrete. Nothing real. No sight. No sound. Pain. Just endless tormenting pain.
"No lightning today? What's the matter? Afraid I'll redirect it?"
Breathe in. Breathe out. Standing at the ready. Waiting for the inevitable.
"Why are you here?"
"I'm here to tell the truth."
Heart pounding. Fear abating. Conviction rising.
"For so long, all I wanted was for you to love me, to accept me."
Another time. Another place. Hope. Honor. Acceptance.
"I see the weight of your travels has changed you. You have redeemed yourself, my son. I am proud of you, Prince Zuko."
The dream of yesterday breaking. A hope for tomorrow dawning.
"I thought it was my honor that I wanted, but really I was just trying to please you. You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn. My father who chal
:iconavidzktjo:AVidZktjo 11 8
The ABCs of Zutara: FOREVER
Written by Katie Jo aka AVidZktjo
Why doesn't that boy just come out with it already? the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe thought as he eyed the fidgeting firebender. Katara was busy making dinner over the campfire outside while Sokka and Suki were taking a moonlit stroll, which left Hakoda alone with the new Firelord. But at the moment, he looked like anything but the reigning ruler over all the Fire Nation. He was pacing around the room like a scared little kid or rather a nervous young man who had something weighing heavily on his mind. Hakoda could easily guess what it was which was why he kept wondering to himself why the young man didn't just spill it already and save himself the aggravation. Sokka had told him what they were up to that past week - that boy couldn't keep a secret to save his life - and Gran-Gran had also spilled the exciting news, which had been a bit of a surprise since she was unbelievably tight-lipped about ot
:iconavidzktjo:AVidZktjo 14 9
The ABCs of Zutara: ADORABLE
Written by Katie Jo aka AVidZktjo
"Zuko, honey, come back here." A laugh escaped Ursa's mouth as she playfully chased after her son. "I'm going to get you," she teased while reaching her hands out to snatch him up. The one-year old prince giggled in her embrace, flailing his tiny arms in an attempt to escape. But his mother would have none of that. She held on tight and kissed his face while he struggled to get away. Ursa couldn't help but laugh at the adorable sight.
Her baby boy was everything she'd wanted and more. There was only one problem with him. He just wouldn't sit still. She tried bouncing him up and down in her arms but he wouldn't stop squirming. It was only then that she realized something had caught his eye. When she looked in the direction of his outstretched hands, she saw the reason for his struggle and laughed some more. Of course, why hadn't she thought of that? Zuko loved the water. Rising to her feet, Ursa brought her son
:iconavidzktjo:AVidZktjo 13 21
Written by Katie Jo aka AVidZktjo
It had been months since he'd joined the Avatar and his gang in their quest to defeat his father. Ozai was in prison, Azula in chains, and everything was on its way to being restored to its original splendor. And yet…another explosion sent Zuko flying into the wall behind him. "When am I ever going to get this right!?" It was hopeless, he thought, but still he rose with the sun each morning to practice the art of bending lightning. All his practice was getting him nowhere though, and every morning he would stomp off to his study to meditate and cool down. That morning was no different except for the fact that a certain Water Tribe warrior was waiting for him.
"Sokka. I'm not in the mood."
Katara's annoying brother didn't even think twice about Zuko's distraught expression. He just started talking. "So, Zuko, you know we'll be leaving soon and all that, and Katara will be staying behind because you, we
:iconavidzktjo:AVidZktjo 14 6
The ABCs of Zutara: DISTRACTED
Written by Katie Jo aka AVidZktjo
It had been two weeks since Katara had confronted the leader of the Southern Raiders, but Zuko could still tell that she was torn up about it. She needed a distraction. And he knew just the thing. After consulting with the Avatar, the six of them hopped on Appa and flew to the Fire Nation city of Ji Lin. Once they landed, the excited group of teenagers made their way to the city while Appa and Momo stayed behind and hid among the mountainous terrain. Zuko had discovered that the Ember Island Players were in town that night, and the music, dancing, and partying was sure to take everyone's mind off the fast approaching comet. It was sure to be a night of entertainment and fun. Too bad Zuko wasn't that good of a dancer. But the look of awe in everyone's eyes as they entered the city and saw the lights and decorations was just enough to put a smile on his face and distract him from the thought.
Upon seeing the m
:iconavidzktjo:AVidZktjo 19 6



Basically, my friend Dante--NeoTwilightPhantom--started a forum page over on gaiaonline about this and, after asking him in a PM if I could repost it here--he agreed--...well, here it is.

Cosplay is big--has been for a while it seems.
It's come down to it that I go into my favorite coffee shop here in New York and always run into atleast one group of cosplayers planning a group shoot or discussing solo work. As an artist, I'm friends with a few of these people and they're great people.
However, I have a story I wish to share...
I was at the coffee shop last Monday; as normal, there was group, at a table and booth behind me, discussing a Marvel X-Men group cosplay they were going to do for a convention. One of the group said "I'd make a great Shatterstar", but the others all said "No. You'd be a better fit as Professor X."
Out of curiosity, I turned around when the first one complained about the group's opinion and saw why they were telling him who to cosplay was because he was in a wheelchair.
Personally, I thought he would have made a great Shatterstar--decent build, right hair color and style--but, it seemed his 'friends' won out and made him agree.
Witnessing this made me it right to force someone to portray a character in cosplay simply because they don't "fit the mold" of other characters? 
Like...telling someone who is in a wheelchair that they can only portray characters who're in a wheelchair? 
Or telling someone with darker skin that they can't cosplay as someone with a lighter skin tone than them? 
Or telling someone who's overweight that they can't portray a slimmer or athletically-built character?
Personally, I don't think it's fair--it seems plain wrong. Thoughts?"
When he first posted this, I agreed that people should be allowed to cosplay who they want because, big deal, right? The responses posts on the forum were quite positive--people sharing their own stories and support...

A heartwarming story about an older woman in a mobility chair cosplaying as Totoro...female cosplayers wanting to crossplay-cosplay as male characters who they had more of an identity with...

But then someone responded to him in a PM talking about how they didn't want to see some "five hundred pound broad trying to be Sailormoon" or "some overweight weirdo pretending he's a pony".

(For the record, both me and Dante think that no one should have the right to tell someone what to like and what not to like; he's actually good friends with a couple of bronies and took a serious offense on their behalf to the messenger's comments.)

For me, I remembered a time I was at my first con when I saw some guys giving a Hiei cosplayer a hard time...because he was a tall African-American man; his response? He told them off...and got back-up from a Caucasian guy dressed up a Chang Wufei--for the record, it was an awesome team-up.

My second con, a Hispanic girl was getting harassed by a group of girls because she was cosplaying as Lady Kayura..while apparently being overweight by those girls' standards. Her response was to push one of the girls into the pool at the hotel and call her out on dressing as a Sailor Scout when she was more of a villain.

Ofcourse, not all things end so well--that same con, I saw a younger girl run through the hotel lobby to the elevators, in tears because another cosplayer told her she had no business trying to cosplay as Gene Starwind because she was female, short, and Asian. A former friend of mine who still goes to cons said that she hadn't seen that cosplayer back ever since.

So...I suppose I want to ask everyone here on dA, especially any cosplayers out there, what's your opinion on this subject?
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